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Delish Naturals was founded in 2008, after our first baby was born. From her need for a cloth diaper rash friendly diaper cream, and eczema issues, Yum Bum Butter was born.

From there, an entire line of all natural and organic skin and bath care evolved.

Using organic ingredients whenever possible,

we are committed to bringing you the very best in handcrafted boutique baby products.

Every item in our line is crafted with care, fresh to order.

While this may take a little bit extra in terms of turn around time, this ensures that you have the freshest product possible!

Our mandate is this: If we wouldn't put it on our babies, it won't go on yours. Our fragrances are phalate free, nitro musk free and paraben free.

Our products are petroleum free.

We also don't use comfrey oil in our products,

as they can cause issues with the liver and other organs.

Our All Natural Fragrance Oils are essential oil blends and our essential oils are therapeutic grade.

We strive to bring you ecologically sustainable and ethical skincare, and we especially only use cocoa butter, shea butter, and palm oils that have been sustanably sourced.

We use local beeswax, and support our local pregnancy center.

In other words, we care about what goes into our tins and bottles, because we care about our families and are passionate about giving you the best products possible for their care.

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Delish Naturals Holy Sheep! Super Woolie Wash Bars
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Delish Naturals Raspy Rub
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