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LuSa Organics is a natural body care company with a mission of enriching lives through the pleasure of our products and the positive impact of our business practices. That impact touches individuals, communities, and the world.

We strive to make soap so good that you have a better day just for having washed with it. Then your better day inspires another's better day and the whole world spirals into happiness. Not bad for simply washing up!

LuSa Organics is a premier manufacturer of handcrafted body care products for adults, babies, and children. Our ingredients are naturally sourced and primarily organic, and our recipes and techniques are unparalleled. We never compromise on ingredients or techniques, so our products are of consistently high quality. We scent exclusively with essential oils and color only with natural pigments, herbs, and clays. Inferior natural ingredients are also rejected, and high-quality, beneficial ingredients are consistently used.

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Lusa Da Balm Quiet the Itch
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