Cloth diaper friendly detergent is basically a detergent that is geared towards cloth diapers. These detergents are gentle on the diapers, while still powerful in removing stains and odors. Diaper friendly detergents come in a wide range of brands and scents, and not much is needed to clean a load- a little goes a long way! There are also products that can be used in conjunction with the detergents every so often to get rid of buildup. With these, you will need a measuring spoon or you may elect to purchase one specifically geared towards the detergent. Rockin’ Green is a favorite cloth diaper detergent.

Wool dryer balls are widely used with cloth diaper users. They come in various colors and scents, and will cut drying time by as much as 50%. This definitely helps the environment and your wallet! 2-4 balls used at one time is recommended, depending on the size of the laundry load. These are used with clothing too, not just cloth diapers.
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Babee Greens Washing Greens Gentle Cloth Diaper Wash
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RLR Laundry Treatment 2 Pill Pack
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Spray Pal Splatter Shield
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RLR Laundry Treatment 1.35 oz. packet
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