RLR Laundry Treatment 2 Pill Pack

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Cloth diapering mamas have been praising the use of RLR for how effective it is when it comes to stripping diapers. After a while diapers begin to look dingy and the whites turn a dull color. RLR will help keep the whites fresh and the diaper looking clean! 

As well, RLR is great for stripping diapers of excessive detergent and other residues that may have attached themselves to your diapers. To use RLR to strip, don’t use detergent. Pour the packet in your washer and do a hot wash. You will need to continue rinsing until no bubbles or suds are left. Once the water doesn’t have bubbles you are good. How often do I need to use RLR? You can use RLR as often as you want- it’s safe to use, but you probably won’t need to use it more than once a month. 

RLR is also awesome for laundry. It:
  • Makes whites whiter
  • Makes colors brighter
  • Fabrics last longer

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