Bummis began as the proverbial “kitchen table business”, started by three mothers who were using cloth diapers on their own babies and were inspired to create the products they themselves needed. That was way back in the 1980’s. It remained a home business until it grew too large to fit into any home! Since then, Bummis has grown and prospered while staying true to the vision that inspired its inception and the values that fuelled its growth.

We believe that once parents see how easy it is to use cloth diapers, they will use them! So we focus on making it easy – through the products we design and distribute, the washing and using information we disseminate and the customer service we are so passionate about.

We also believe that the bottom line is not only about money and profit – but that it is also about the well being of our company and the people who work in it, our suppliers, our clients, and our community - both our local community and our industry. We believe that the way we do business matters, and that business can be an important vehicle for social change.

We live on a wonderful little cloth diapering planet here at Bummis that we and our employees have created. Both our factory and our office are lovely spaces with lots of plants and natural light. We have a beautiful retail store in Montreal where we sell cloth diapers, baby carriers and breastfeeding accessories. In addition, we have a shipping warehouse and a small staff in upstate NY, in the very scenic 1000 Islands. We all really enjoy working on our special little planet refuge at Bummis, and we have a great team - all of whom care passionately about what we do and how we do it.

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